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Exciting times ahead with NLFS

So this is the day it started to become real. The website was paid for, the venue confirmed for September start. And I sat here ready to start building the site you are now looking at. It's exciting on many levels, but for me, it's mostly because it is actually happening. I had been an actor, director and writer for a decade before I got into teaching (by accident) in a secondary school. The accident I will save to explain at a later date. But teaching rapidly began to frustrate me. The syllabus seemed to offer a glimpse int the skills that would be needed by the next generation of young creatives. However, it seemed to fall short of being able to actually then properly secure these skills, apply these skills or for those gifted enough enhance these skills.

So, the pattern was set, teach during the school day what they needed to pass the arbitrary exams, then after school offer the chance to take part in classes that actually made a difference. Classes that could bring a level of excitement and passion, but more importantly creative freedom. Students were free to take the skills that they had and apply it to work that they cared about. They were free to write scripts for the stories they WANTED to tell. They were free, no tests, other than the ones they put on themselves, no exams, just a final performance.

These classes not only improved and enhance the students academic ability, but also re-ignited a passion and flair in many who had seen their fires dampened. Many of them then deciding to pursue a career in the industry, many going on to study at prestigious higher education facilities or drama schools.

Young people are made by the experiences they are able to access. So that is what we are going to do with Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Film Schools. We are going to provide high quality Film Making and Acting for Camera courses that will give young people the chance to learn, enjoy and experience the potential of working in a growing and thriving industry. Arts training shouldn't however be seen as something only those who want to work in the industry should pursue. Cambridge university declared drama as the best second subject for their Law students. It promotes a confidence and eloquence that transcends the subject and permeates into the way we interact with everything in life.

So, here at Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Film Schools we want young people to discover something they love, and become who they want to be.

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